Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions are meant for visitors on our website.

By using our website, visitors accept our terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of our terms or conditions then you must not visit our page.

If you use any of our services or register to submit any material then you are supposed to agree to our terms and conditions.

You must not be under the age of 18 years. Agreeing our terms and conditions, you represent that you are 18 years or older.

Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. So, by using our website you agree to the fact that we can use browser collected data in relation to our privacy policy and provide you better services.

Licence to use our website:

Users can do the following:

  • View our pages in web browser

  • Download pages in web browser

  • Print pages

  • Live stream video and audio files

  • Use services offered on our website

Provisions of aforesaid terms and conditions

Users are not meant to download or save any material from our website to their computers.

Users can use our website for their business or personal purpose only. It is not meant for any other purpose.

Users cannot modify or edit any material that is given on our website.

Unless you run the website, you should not:

  • Republish any kind of material

  • Sub-license, sell or rent any material

  • Show material from our website in the public

  • Use our material for advertising or other commercial purpose

  • Redistribute any of our material given on website to public

There is restricted access to our website and users should not attempt to access any of the restricted area on our website. Gaining access to restricted area on website is against company policies.

Acceptable Use

Users must not:

  • Take any sort of action and damage our website or cause harm to accessibility or performance of our website.

  • Use our website in an illegal or unlawful way for performing fraudulent activity.

  • Copy, publish, host, send and transmit any material from our website which consist computer virus, worm, spyware or other harmful computer software.

  • Indulge in data harvesting and extraction. Do not perform any activity without our written consent.

  • Use automated means like spider and robot for running or interacting (With) our website.

  • Violate the rules as suggested in our policies.

  • Engage in direct marketing activity like telemarketing, SMS marketing or email marketing.

Users cannot contact companies and individuals taking data from our website.

Users must ensure provided information is accurate and complete, and not misleading.

Accounts and Registration

You can register on our website by filling a form and clicking on the link provided for verification in the email (Sent to you after registration).

You should not give access of your account to any person.

In case of unauthorized use of your account, you must inform us in writing on an immediate basis.

With only express permission, you can use other individual’s account to access our website.

Details for Login

  • A user ID along with password will be provided to you or you can pick user ID and password from your own after successful registration with our website.

  • You can choose a valid user ID name, which is not misleading on any grounds.

  • You should keep your password secret.

  • If by any chance there is disclosure of your password then inform us immediately.

  • You will be responsible for disclosing your password and consequences of disclosing the password that may include loss of content or specific information.

Cancellation and Suspension of Account

We have the right to suspend or cancel your account. We can also edit details of your account without any explanation or prior notice, at any time. If you wish to, you can cancel your account using account control panel at our website.

Your Content: Licence

Here, “your content” means you submit to us all sorts of your works like graphics, images, written text, audio-visual material, scripts, etc., for storage or processing or publication or transmission via our website.

You grant us the permission of translating, adapting, storing, distributing and publishing your content in media at any time OR reproduce and produce with your specific consent. You, with all rights, give your consent to us for using content.

You can edit your provided content to an extent permitted suing edit functionality at our website.

With all the rights and as per terms and conditions, if you breach provision, then we may edit, unpublish or delete your content from our website.

Your Content: Rules

Your content should be as per the law. It should not b illegal or against any individual’s rights that in future can lead to taking legal action.

Your content, in relation to our terms and conditions, must not:

  • Be false or unsafe

  • Indecent or obscene

  • Have any copyright, trade mark right, database right or any other right

  • Include any sort of negligent statement

  • Promote any criminal activity

  • Breach orders of the court or authority

  • Indicate discrimination or religious hatred.

  • Include offensive or harming material

  • Show any kind of violence in gratuitous or graphic manner

  • Indicate sexual content

  • Be misleading, false or inaccurate

  • Cause injury or loss or damage to any other person or his or her intention

  • Constitute spam

  • Be abusive, anti-social, discriminatory, threatening, deceptive and harassing

  • Cause inconvenience to any person

Limited Warranties

We do not assure for the following:

Accuracy of information given on our website

Material on the website is up to date

Any service on our website will remain available for a longer time period

We have the right to change or put halt onto any of the service on our website. Also, we reserve the right to stop publishing any content without any explanation or information to users. Uses will not get any compensation if we stop publishing content or discontinue any service on our website.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

If users breach any of our terms and conditions, then we may:

  • Give formal warning

  • Prohibit users permanently from accessing our website

  • Temporary suspension to access our website

  • Restrict usage from your IP address

  • Contact your internet service provider to stop you from using our website

  • Send you legal notice for breaching our rules and conditions

  • Delete or suspend your account on our website

If we put a halt to your access on our website, you must not act against it by creating or using another account.


Revision of these terms may take place on a continual basis.

All revised terms and conditions shall be applied from the date of their publication on our website. We might give users notice in written for revision of our terms and conditions. If any of the users find difficulty in agreeing to our revised terms and conditions, then, he or she may stop accessing information from our website.

In case we ask you to give express agreement on revised terms and conditions within a specific period of time, and you fail to do so, then, we might delete or disable your account. This comes in effect with you not expressing agreement.


Users agree that we can transfer, assign or otherwise deal as per our rights, under said terms and conditions.

Without our consent in written, users cannot deal with our rights.


If court finds any of our provisions in said terms and conditions unlawful, then other, remaining provisions will continue same as there were before.

If any provision gets deleted due to its unlawfulness then also the rest of provisions will continue as they were before.

Third Party Rights

Under these terms and conditions, a contract made will be mutually benefitting. It will not benefit any third party but only us and the customer.

No third party can give consent or exercise right under our list of terms and conditions.

Entire agreement

Agreement between us and customers will contain all our terms and conditions along with our cookies and privacy policy. The new agreement in relation to our website will overtake all previous agreements.

Law and jurisdiction

We make laws in compliance with Indian law and jurisdiction system. If any disputes pertaining to our aforesaid terms and conditions arise, then, they will be subject to the City Court of India.

Statutory and regulatory disclosures

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